(Another quick update so soon? What is this sorcery?!)

(FYI, Tootsie can’t see Lyra’s magic glow, neither her magic hands if Lyra doesn’t try to visualize them (like the black arms earlier).)

We’re not done with you yet, get back here and do a proper introduction!

(Took a while to align her wall of text so it’d be somewhat readable, yet still kinda covered to indicate that we aren’t necessarily supposed to understand what she’s gabbling.)

Gasp! She seems to be afraid of BonBon. But fear not, for Detective Lyra is on the case! Sort of.

A surprise visitor! What will happen now, aside from lots of hnnnnngggs and sugar overdoses? We’ll see that soon enough. :3

Happy Hearts and Hooves Day for all who celebrate it, and Happy Whatever Day for those who don’t! ;)

This was a long day for our heroines, stay tuned to find out what the next day has in store for them! :)

A quick update for now, the rest of it will come tomorrow. I’ll try to make each post max. 10 panels in the future, so the updates can be even more regular.

The time will come when our heroines will be needed to save the day! But that day is not this one. The spotlight was taken from them, but did their action really go unnoticed, etched into ponies memories merely as part of the celebration? Or did it start a whole new chain of events, leading to bigger things? Stay tuned to find out! :3

Tootsie Flute: My hero is sad! D: Gotta find a way to cheer her up!

Srsly, Lyra…

After the usual forced January break, Heartstrings is back! Now with more background romances, panicking noises and screams too.

(I’m gonna skip showing the singing as usual, but imagine there any song you like and motivating to fights against the forces of darkness or something like that.)


Happy Hearth’s Warming and whatever you celebrate! ;)
This pic is way too big for tumblr, but you can take a closer look on my dA:


Happy Hearth’s Warming and whatever you celebrate! ;)

This pic is way too big for tumblr, but you can take a closer look on my dA:

(2/2) The birth of a fangirl.

Although she’s often depicted as the daughter of our mane duo in the fandom, I’m taking a slightly different approach to her. She’ll get tons of “screen” time, so we’ll get to know her well. :3

(1/2) Introducing our 4th main character.

Aaaand we are back!

(1/2) Another (and the last) “extra” update before we resume to the main story.

(2/2) Follow this link if you are wondering who is this she they are talking about.

A bit of a character summary (for this comic’s universe):

Symphony doesn’t speak more than she deem necessary. She’s a very sensitive pony, only shows her true emotions to her closest friends. She’s also good at math.

Beauty Brass on the other hoof says whatever comes into her mind. Out of the three she’s the only one who doesn’t come from a wealthy family, she got into the Canterlot musician academy with a scholarship. So don’t be surprised if her talking style is way less fancy than Tavi’s and Symphony’s style.

And Octavia, as you can see, loves to talk. And to control. Latter one scares her, she already saw where that can lead. And it ain’t pretty.

Next update finally start chapter 5, our heroines have a rather serious situation to come over!